Contagiousness Simulator for nCoV-19

Inspired by an article sent to me from my brother, I wrote this simulator to help people test the spread and activity of the Corona virus (just a game to play). Hopefully, through this rudimentary tool, people will better understand the issue of prevention, know how to eliminate unnecessary worries and focus on more important things.

In the tool, a dot represents for a person inthe society. I am setting at 300 persons in the initial stage. The white dots are normal people. The red dots are infected people. The blue dots are the recoverred ones. The black ones are deads. The dots with bold border are infected but isolated people, unable to spread the disease.

You can customize the parameters on the right to see the changes in the community.

I am sorry for the incovieniences by the “stupid” layout of the wordpress’s theme.

Esspcially thank to J5JS library.

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